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What is meningitis definition?

Meningitis is referred to as contagious and infectious disease which is found very rarely. It refers to an inflammation of the meninges, the tissue or the protective membranes that surrounds and connects the brain with the spinal cord. It is generally caused by an infection done by the virus referred to as viral meningitis or […]

Mono Symptoms In Teenagers

There are many diseases that threaten the survival of the humanity in the modern era. During the medieval period people were afraid of plague and tuberculosis which was a byproduct of industrial revolution. The onset of the modern era forced people to find new medicines to eradicate the problem of plague and tuberculosis. In the […]

What are Septicemia Symptoms?

Septicemia is a medical condition that is caused by bacteria that is known as spectcemia or bacteremia. These bacteria affects the bodily functions of the blood as it is responsible for the carrying of oxygen, nutrients to your cells and it also carries waste and carbon dioxide. The human blood is also responsible for carrying […]

Cerebrum Function And Structure

Cerebrum Function And Structure

The cerebrum consists of the two cerebral hemispheres and the cortex (with all its substructures: the paleocortex and the neocortex). Of all the central nervous system structures, the cerebral hemispheres have the biggest volume. They are united through the cerebral commissures and contain the fist two lateral ventricles. Each cerebral hemispheres contains four lobes: the […]

First Symptoms Of Cerebellar Ataxia

First Symptoms Of Cerebellar Ataxia

By definition, ataxia is a deficit in coordination of the muscles. Usually, it appears after the center of coordination in the small brain (the cerebellum) has been damaged. As a consequence, patients might experience a slurred speech, floppiness, asynergic limbs and joints, and even more, might have a tough time in performing rapid movements, estimating […]

How the cerebellum is affected by alcohol?

alcohol and brain

Among many other side effects, the alcohol affects the cerebellum as well. The mechanism behind this phenomenon is the altering of the neurotransmitters, that are chemical transmitters secreted in the synapses between each neuronal cell. They can either be excitatory or inhibitory. In the case of alcohol, it inhibits the glutamate, that is one of […]