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How does the brain function during sleep?

How (does) the brain function during sleep?

I think it’s pretty logical for everybody that our brain doesn’t simply shut down during sleep. Had it not had to regulate the vegetative processes, maybe it should have shut down, but since it really has to control the heart rate, the digestive system and all the other (non-autonomic and vegetative) functions, it has to […]

Cerebrum function definition

location of cerebrum

What is the cerebrum and what are its functions? First of all, the name per se is a Latin word that mean “brain”. Viewed as a unitary system although it has many structures, the cerebrum commands the biggest part of our actions and of our life, at least as we understand it. What are its […]

Cerebellum function definition

Cerebellum Definition

Many people are not aware of this fact, but the human body can survive without the cerebellum. Although there are rare the cases in which the small brain needs to be surgically removed, it’s generally accepted by the medical society that the body can live without it, not without some sort of consequences. The small […]

How Does The Cerebellum Control Movement?


Many people believe that the cerebellum, the small brain, is the one that initiates and controls the voluntary movements. Even though the cerebellum is involves in a somewhat large percentage in controlling the movement of the human body, it doesn’t initiate the movement per se, as it rather controls coordination, accuracy and the sense of […]

Which brain area acts to regulate body temperature?


The hypothalamus, structure known also the vegetative brain, is the brain area that regulates the body temperature. What is the hypothalamus? Is a small structure that, despite of its small size, links the nervous system to the endocrine system, asides from many other roles that it has. In terms of size, this organ is no […]

How is the cerebrum divided?

How is the cerebrum divided?

The cerebrum is definitely the most complex organ of the whole human body. Perhaps the most interesting characteristic is that, despite its size (about 9 times bigger than the cerebellum), it has an equal amount of neuronal cells. Basically, the cerebrum is physically divided in two hemispheres (the cerebral cortex), but comprises as well the […]