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Cerebellum function definition

Cerebellum Definition

Many people are not aware of this fact, but the human body can survive without the cerebellum. Although there are rare the cases in which the small brain needs to be surgically removed, it’s generally accepted by the medical society that the body can live without it, not without some sort of consequences. The small […]

How Does The Cerebellum Control Movement?


Many people believe that the cerebellum, the small brain, is the one that initiates and controls the voluntary movements. Even though the cerebellum is involves in a somewhat large percentage in controlling the movement of the human body, it doesn’t initiate the movement per se, as it rather controls coordination, accuracy and the sense of […]

Cerebellum Location and Primary Function

The Cerebellum is one of the most important parts of the brain.  It is located at the rear end of the brain under the cerebral hemisphere. It is differentiated from the Cerebrum from its folded lines accordion structure. It is also attached to the brains stem with the help of pons. Its distinctive parallel groves […]

Cerebellum Function

The Cerebellum, also known as ‘little brain’, lies at the back side of the brain around the brain stem. The cerebellum is responsible for the control of the skeleton muscular system. It receives responses from various parts of the brain and directly handles visual and auditory functions. It also contributes in the basic memory storage […]