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Cerebrum Function And Structure

Cerebrum Function And Structure

The cerebrum consists of the two cerebral hemispheres and the cortex (with all its substructures: the paleocortex and the neocortex). Of all the central nervous system structures, the cerebral hemispheres have the biggest volume. They are united through the cerebral commissures and contain the fist two lateral ventricles. Each cerebral hemispheres contains four lobes: the […]

Cerebrum function definition

location of cerebrum

What is the cerebrum and what are its functions? First of all, the name per se is a Latin word that mean “brain”. Viewed as a unitary system although it has many structures, the cerebrum commands the biggest part of our actions and of our life, at least as we understand it. What are its […]

How is the cerebrum divided?

How is the cerebrum divided?

The cerebrum is definitely the most complex organ of the whole human body. Perhaps the most interesting characteristic is that, despite its size (about 9 times bigger than the cerebellum), it has an equal amount of neuronal cells. Basically, the cerebrum is physically divided in two hemispheres (the cerebral cortex), but comprises as well the […]

Location of the cerebrum

Most of the anterior brain, conceptually its more recent development consists of two large cerebral hemispheres. Inside each hemisphere can be found a cavity shaped fork. This form cerebrospinal fluid whose volume changes three times daily. This fluid flows out of the third ventricle lateral ventricle central, hence the little four ventricles in the brain […]

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The cerebrum is the seat of voluntary reflexes. They are formed on the basis of involuntary reflexes. Are acquired during life through learning (memory, repetition, drop). Example: a child who often consume food that he liked to spit at the sight, smell or thought of that food. Explanation: The cortex is making repeated connections between […]

Overview of Cerebrum and Its Functions

In this video we describe all the different areas of the cerebrum and their functions. From my point of view is one of the most complete videos on internet that talk about cerebrum functions. Please watch this video and observe how and where on the cerebrum are situated different functions. I really enjoyed how the […]