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How does the brain function during sleep?

How (does) the brain function during sleep?

I think it’s pretty logical for everybody that our brain doesn’t simply shut down during sleep. Had it not had to regulate the vegetative processes, maybe it should have shut down, but since it really has to control the heart rate, the digestive system and all the other (non-autonomic and vegetative) functions, it has to […]

Adverse Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Adverse Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

When the regular use of alcohol becomes… an abuse, health problems are no further than one step away. Consuming alcohol for long periods of time can alter irremediably. One of the first organs that the long term abuse of alcoholic beverages damages is the brain. Why does alcohol affect the brain? Because it alters the […]

Name the lobes of the brain

The Lobes of The brain

The human brain is an astounding machinery designed almost perfectly. The biggest part of the brain, the telencephalon or the cerebrum, is divided in 4 lobes: frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal. Some anatomists say that the cerebrum has in fact 6 lobes (they also consider the limbic lobe and the insular cortex), but in the […]

Anatomy of The Brain

Our brains contains many structures that have multiple functions. Below is a list of some of the major structures and their functions. The upper part of the central nervous system consists of the brain stem, the cerebellum and the cerebrum, ensuring control of the entire body. Structure – cerebrum occupies the skull and contains three elements: […]