Cerebrum function definition

What is the cerebrum and what are its functions? First of all, the name per se is a Latin word that mean “brain”. Viewed as a unitary system although it has many structures, the cerebrum commands the biggest part of our actions and of our life, at least as we understand it.

What are its functions? In order to understand its functions, we have to understand firstly its anatomy. For example, the brain contains the hippocampus, the basal ganglia, the olfactory bulb and two hemispheres (that have lots of convolutions). The surface of the cerebrum is called the cerebral cortex and has only 6 thin stratums of neuronal cells and it is one of the newest structures that the human race has. In fact, most of the sensitive information is projected in the cortex, reason why it has a major role in our lives. The hemispheres are symmetrical and comprise several lobes: the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal and the occipital lobe.

As a general rule, the sensitive information is projected in the parietal lobe and then in transferred in the frontal lobe where the motor nuclei are. The other lobes are used for olfaction and for sight and hearing.

How is the cerebrum divided?However, if we have to distinguish some exact roles, there are several processes the cerebrum is implicated in:

  • Voluntary movement, regulated by the upper motor neurons (than can be found in the primary motor cortex) and the lower motor neurons of the spinal cord;
  • Sensorial information: most of the olfactory, visual, gustatory information is projected in the temporal and parietal lobes, especially in the second one;
  • Processing the olfactory information through the olfactory bulb and cortex;
  • Learning new abilities, languages and skills with the help of the cerebral cortex, Broca’s area and the hippocampus, aside many other structures.

Because all the above mentioned structures are internally connected and work as an almost perfect mechanism, the human race is at the top of the trophic chain. Without it, we wouldn’t have been too much different from the other mammals.

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