What is Pia Mater?

Q: Can anyone tell me what is Pia Mater? I found this term in my biology textbook but I didn’t found any explication of it. I would really appreciate a short definition about what is Pia Mater 🙂

A: Pia mater is the inner layer of the meninges, the membrane lining the entire surface of the brain and spinal cord, penetrating grooves and fissure. Pia mater participate in the formation of choroidal plexus. They have a role in cerebrospinal fluid secretion, the role of food and mechanical protection.

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  1. […] pia mater (the most closest to the CNS – Central Nervous System. Read more about pia mater here: cerebrumfunction.net/what-is-pia-mater. […]

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