Brain System

There is growing evidence that corpulency is non merely an issue of self-control or self-discipline. There are studies going on proving that certain foods are addictive and that these can cause people to overeat and become morbidly obese.

While this is true, this is non the only thing that scientists these days attribute fleshiness to. Of course, genetic sensitivity is given. But a person who is genetically inclined to be overweight or obese is likely to be overweight or obese when he grows up in an environment where he is free to indulge in food and be even addicted to it.

Some researchers now claim the brain’s dopamine system is mainly involved when a person gains excessive weight. They say that certain things in this system could not be working as they should, hence, some people tend to overeat or eat compulsively. Instead of a person being satisfied, helium tends to perennially disgruntled and this leads him to eat more and more food.

This is found to be very similar to a dose addict who just can’t get enough of his substance of choice. The more the addict consumes the drug, the higher his tolerance level increases. The more people eat certain addictive foods, the more it will take for them to be satisfied.

Another issue concerning the brain intropin system messing up is the intensity of an affected person’s compulsion to eat. When this system is non working well, the urge to eat excessively overshadows the urge to practice self-control and to be involved in other worthwhile or productive activities.

The tendency for this person is to stay trapped in his craving for certain foods and to actually eat them. Instead of engaging in other rewarding activities such as taking up a hobby or socializing, the person will tend to just focus on eating and when the food is no yearner there, he will tend to have cravings.

There can be many issues involved in a person’s addiction to food and it is important to stay open to all possibilities. For example, the issue of food addiction was inexistent for a time. And even now, there are still those who believe the concept of food addiction has become a scapegoat for those who ar simply unable to rein in their appetite.

It is important to understand that new findings may be just as significant in weight loss just as old ones are. The only important thing is for us to learn from the information being made available to us.

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