Mono Symptoms In Teenagers

There are many diseases that threaten the survival of the humanity in the modern era. During the medieval period people were afraid of plague and tuberculosis which was a byproduct of industrial revolution. The onset of the modern era forced people to find new medicines to eradicate the problem of plague and tuberculosis. In the case of the latter the United Nations made available cheap medicines to the common man. In the middle of the 1980s the governments in the developing countries declared the total eradication of the disease however it returned in the 90s with renewed vigor and was quite difficult to handle.

Initially people were puzzled as to how the disease recurred however in the detailed analysis they found that the patients who didn’t take the prescribed course of treatment actually suffered from the disease. It was a nightmarish experience for the victims and many of them died. The Mono Symptoms In Teenagers is a common viral problem and it generally occurs during the spring season when there is a sudden change of the weather.

It is accompanied by fever and body ache. The glands secrete special chemicals due to the activation of the virus and as a result the patient suffers from high fever. Sometimes if the symptoms are untreated it can lead to abdominal pain as well. In the teenagers sometimes it leads to the loss in appetite which is combined with weakness and disinterest in doing daily work. It can be very annoying if you are a teenager. The virus spreads through the saliva. The headache is a prominent feature and the symptoms might last for 4 to 6 weeks.

If the temperature is too severe it causes red marks on the skin. There is a big muscle and the joint pain and teenagers are advised not to do exercise when suffering from the above symptoms. In order to get relief you must take anti pyretic medicines and also antibiotic to deactivate the virus. Apart from that if the fever is very high the patient should be treated with ice cubes to bring the temperature down.

The individual must take complete bed rest and in 15 or 20 days results will be there for everybody to see. One should be very careful what one eats. There is so much pollution in air that it is sometimes difficult to take precautions. To know more about the Mono Symptoms In Teenagers you can go online and have a firsthand information about the disease. Apart from that you can also discuss the issue with many online doctors available and get valuable advices.

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